On-Site Training

Your equipment is only as good as the team utilising it. We’ve dedicated a division of our team to complete on-site training for our clientele. We have standard training packages available or we can tailor a presentation to your team’s current expertise.

Upskill your team and make the most of your new equipment. We'll take your team through the basics of operating these machines and arm them with the knowledge they need to keep safe while using them.

service technofast
service technofast

Get the most from your new equipment

Our ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management System ensures an exceptional level of quality is maintained through each product we produce. As part of this, we ensure anyone who purchases our product has the opportunity to be trained in the new equipment.

To get everything you can out of your new piece of equipment, it's essential your team understands how to use it. We can come out to your plant or facility to provide training or we can run a virtual workshop.

What happens at our on-site training?

You and your team will be offered the opportunity to complete a comprehensive training program to ensure the correct use of each of Technofast’s exclusive tooling range. Your on-site trainer will run you through how to use each tool as well as any necessary safety precautions for the equipment. 

You and your team will be provided with a registered completion of training document. You can complete this training out on-site or at our Technofast Industries Head Office in Crestmead in Queensland.
On-site or virtual training available.

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