CS-15 Copper Gold Mine

North Parks Mine
E48 Crushing Station 154CR001 Crusher feed chute
Original Set-Up
Standard hex nuts tightened with flogging spanner
Issues Experienced
  • OH&S concerns associated with flogging spanners and impact tooling
  • very time consuming
  • Physically demanding
  • Due to incorrect bolt loads being applied units continually vibrate loose during operation
Technofast Product Used

EziTite® Hydraulic Nuts together with Polywashers

  • Easy installation and handling
  • removed major OH&S concerns
  • Nuts no longer vibrate loose during operation
Installation Time

Old Method = 3-4 hours (3-4 personnel)
New Method = 1 hour (2 personnel)

Time Saving = 2 hours

CS-15 Copper Gold Mine
CS-11 Steel Mill

Many improvements to Steel Products

Fast and Easy to install and remove & none of the nuts have come loose

Underground Maintenance Planner

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