CS-10 Steel Mill

OneSteel Whyalla
3UR Rougher Mill Cheek Plates
Original Set-Up
Wedges and hammer used to adjust
Issues Experienced
  • Workers had to enter hazardous environment
  • Use of large hammers and wedges dangerous
  • Wedges often became jammed during removal
  • Physically demanding
Technofast Product Used

Technofast in conjunction with OneSteel Engineers designed a complete new system for making adjustments which consists of two hydraulic cylinder mounted to the Rougher Mill.

  • Easy installation and handling
  • Removed the need for flogging spanner
  • Adjustments can now be made during operation without the need for works to enter hazardous environment
  • Minimal physical effort required
Installation Time

Old Method = 1 hour (2-3 personnel)
New Method = 30 minutes (2 personnel)
Time Saving = 30 minutes

CS-10 Steel Mill
CS-11 Steel Mill

Many improvements to Steel Products

With changing market conditions arising from the global financial crisis, Steel Products has seen a big focus on reducing delays, reducing waste and improving product quality. The conversion of the 3UR Roughing Mill cheek plates at a unique hydraulic clamping arrangement has delivered many improvements to Steel Products, such as reducing roll change times, reducing operational delays. Reducing section control delays and improving product dimensional quality.

Mechanical Reliability Engineer for Steel Products

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