CS-07 Quarry

Queensland Quarry
Shell bolts on J50 Terex Jaques crusher
Original Set-Up
Twelve M64 Grade 4.6 nuts and bolts tightened with flogging wrench
Issues Experienced
  • No Control of bolt load
  • uneven closure of shells
  • Nuts require periodic checking due to loosening
  • OH&S issues with the use of flogging Spanner
Technofast Product Used

Standard commercial grade M64 EziTite® Hydraulic nuts fitted with dust covers (EZI-CM64X6L)

  • Easy installation and handling
  • Removed the need for flogging spanner improving OH&S
  • Precise bolt load achieved
  • Units remained tight throughout operation period
Installation Time

Old Method = 3 hours (2-3 personnel)
New Method = 30 minutes (2 personnel)
Time Saving = 2 hours and 30 minutes

CS-07 Quarry
CS-11 Steel Mill

Many improvements to Steel Products

Applying multiple units at a time saves time and removes the possibility of jamming the taper.

Quarry Manager

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