Y2 & X2 – 2 Stage Tensioning

Technofast’s X2 & Y2 2-Stage EziJacs encompass a large range of slim bodied tensioners to complete maintenance on any application with restricted space.

The 2-Stage series of hydraulic Tensioners are a lightweight, user friendly range of Tensioners, which are quickly and easily fitted in restricted spaces. These Tensioners are powerful & provide accurate and versatile tensioning of bolts and studs whilst being fast, simple and safe to use.

Tool Features:

  • Stroke Indicator.
  • Long Stroke.
  • Spring return piston.
  • Over stroke prevetion.
  • Slim fit design.
  • Leak-free Lo-friction seals.
  • Nitrided components.
  • Optional side gear box.
  • Quality assured.


Technofast’s X2 and Y2 Multistage Bolt Tensioners may be fitted with an optional Gear Drive to rotate the retaining nut without the use of a Pin Spanner. The drive is operated using a standard 1/2″ socket wrench. The feature optimises the speed of operation and allows the tools to be used in restricted spaces where a Pin Spanner drive could not be employed. An Integral idler gear is used to ensure that the drive tool and nut rotations are in the same direction.

Innovation solutions for your industry.

Technofast Industries is an worldwide leader and specialist in Bolt Tensioning, providing innovative and effective technical solutions along with uncomprising customer service.

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