Lightweight Hand Pump

Technofast recommends the use of its pumps with hydraulic tensioning products. For simple applications, the lightweight Hand Pump is suggested. These products are made from light alloy metal that is normally used in the aviation field due to its durability and strength, and are half the weight of comparative steel-bodied pumps. Another important feature is the low handle effort required to achieve the typically high hydraulic pressures needed for bolt tensioning operations.

Hand Pump Features:

  • Double Stage.
  • Externally adjustable low & high pressure Relief valves.
  • Carry handle & fixing holes.


Hand Pump Accessories:

  • Roll Cage.
  • Gauges and Gauge Adaptors.
  • Fittings.
  • Spare parts.


Hand Pump Technical Specifications:

Model Number Pressure 1 st stage. Pressure 2 nd stage. Handle Effort Reservoir Capacity. Usable oil Volume. Dimensions mm Weight
Bar Bar N L L A B C kg
PU-SHP700C 700 363 1.3 1.1 123 5.0
PU-HP700C 700 363 2.3 1.9 123 6.4
PU-HP1800CJ 20 1800 522 2.2 1.8 695 266 125 10.0
(Other models available by request)


Operator training is available and servicing of pumps supported by Technofast Industries.

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