The Technofast LiftaJac typically utilises high hydraulic pressure to generate high forces for lifting large loads. Technofast lifting jacks come in various sizes and configurations. The compact design of the Technofast lifting jack yields optimal load while maintaining minimal size and weight. Whether it’s a double acting, single acting, hollow or solid, short stroke or long stroke, Technofast can ensure that there will be a design that suits your application.

¨ Available in single acting or double acting configurations

¨ Custom finishes available upon request

¨ High strength alloy steels to ensure safety and durability

¨ Eyebolts or handles available for easy manoeuvring of the tool

¨ Available in a wide range of sizes, load capacity, and stroke lengths

Innovation solutions for your industry.

Technofast Industries is an worldwide leader and specialist in Bolt Tensioning, providing innovative and effective technical solutions along with uncomprising customer service.

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