EziTite® TR Hydraulic Nut

Tool Features:

  • The patented metal to metal seal design allows for applications up to 550˚C and higher.
  • Compact Design for tight confined applications.
  • Smart design to eliminate load losses.
  • Secondary backup release mechanism (Sacrificial ring)
  • Multiple tensioning provides even bolt loads and short assembly and disassembly down time.


  • Reduces maintenance down time.
  • Improves safety on the job.
  • Gives reliable and precise tensioning.
  • Is user-friendly.
  • Fast to fit and remove.
  • Requires little physical effort.
  • Is ideal for difficult or confined spaces

Ideal for:

  • Pressure Vessel Closure(i.e.: Autoclaves, Boilers, etc)..
  • Flange Makeup.
  • Gas Turbine Joints.
  • Steam Turbine Joints.
  • High Temperature applications.
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