Hydraulic Pump Products

Explore Technofast’s range of Hydraulic Pumps. Our hydraulic pumps —which include the advanced Blue Rhino Electric Tensioner Pump, the user-friendly Lightweight Hand Pumps, and High Pressure Air Hydraulic Pumps— are designed to convert mechanical power into hydraulic energy efficiently. 

These pumps are crucial for powering a variety of industrial equipment, particularly in bolt tensioning systems. They offer precise control and consistent performance. Whether you’re looking for robust power or portable convenience, our range of hydraulic pumps is engineered to meet the diverse needs of your industry. Ensure optimal productivity and safety with Technofast.

The Blue Rhino Electric Tensioner Pump, a robust solution for demanding Wind Turbine bolt tensioning, is engineered to offer the resilience you need in harsh conditions. Built to withstand extreme temperatures, rough handling, dust, and dirt, this hydraulic bolt tensioning pump is especially suited for high-duty cycles. 

Safety is paramount, and these electric hydraulic pumps offer a low-voltage hand pendant control and an emergency stop feature. The industrial electric motor combats heat and low voltage challenges, proven through rigorous cycle testing. Advanced filtration safeguards the hydraulics for long-term reliability. Meanwhile, its protective frame adds durability, and the hydraulic circuit minimises heat generation, prolonging the system’s life. 

Compact and lightweight, the Blue Rhino enhances efficiency in bolting operations with its easy-to-use controls. It boasts increased horsepower for more flow at working pressure, ensuring speed and precision in your operations​​.

Technofast’s High Pressure Air Hydraulic Pumps combine lightweight design with full-featured functionality. Ideal for applications where hand pumps are insufficient, these pumps offer a blend of high-quality and robust construction. 

Key features include a stainless steel oil tank on standard models, a protective roll cage, and a safety pressure relief system. It contains an inline lubrication system that ensures smooth operation. The compact design does not compromise on power or durability, making these High Pressure Air Hydraulic Pumps a reliable choice for various industrial tasks. 

These air hydraulic pumps stand out in the industry for their competitive pricing — these products have been designed to balance quality with affordability. Whether for industrial, mechanical, or maintenance work, these pumps provide an efficient and dependable solution​​.

The Lightweight Hand Pump from Technofast is ideal for simple applications requiring hydraulic tensioning. Constructed from a light alloy metal that’s commonly used in aviation for its strength and durability, these pumps are significantly lighter than their steel-bodied counterparts. 

Requiring low handle effort to achieve high hydraulic pressures needed for bolt tensioning tasks, these are a great solution when you need a portable hydraulic pump. The hand pump features a double stage with externally adjustable low and high-pressure relief valves, enhancing its versatility. 

It comes equipped with a carry handle and fixing holes for easy transportation and setup. These Lightweight Hand Pumps come with a protective roll cage, gauges and gauge adaptors, various fittings, and spare parts. This pump is a practical solution for those seeking the unique combination of lightweight design, durability, and ease of use in hydraulic tensioning applications​​.

There are three main types of hydraulic pumps: hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic vane pumps, and hydraulic piston pumps. Gear pumps are durable and straightforward and are best used for basic tasks. Vane pumps offer medium-level pressure and typically are more complex. Piston pumps are the most powerful and precise, ideal for demanding applications.

At Technofast, our hydraulic pump products are built for purpose, and with three different types of pumps available, you can quickly discover the best applications for each,

To choose the right pump, consider the pressure and flow rate you need, the environment where it will be used, and how frequently it will operate. If you’re ever unsure, the Technofast team is more than happy to assist you in finding the right hydraulic pump for your applications.

Hydraulic pumps can operate in harsh environments, but the suitability depends on the pump’s design. Some are made for extreme temperatures or rough conditions. Ensure the pump you choose is designed for the conditions it will face. Our Blue Rhino Electric Tensioner Pumps are designed to withstand harsh conditions.

Regular maintenance is key. Depending on your specific hydraulic pump model, you may need to check and maintain the oil level and quality, inspect for leaks, and monitor the condition of hoses and seals. It’s also essential to ensure the filter is clean to avoid operational issues.

Hydraulic pumps have safety features like pressure relief valves to prevent overloading. They are designed for maximum efficiency with minimal energy waste. Control systems in these pumps aid in achieving precise and efficient operations while ensuring your team members never have to over-exert themselves in tensioning practices.
Better yet, with three different hydraulic pump designs, we have a purpose-built pump for a range of industrial applications., ensuring safety and efficiency for so many different industries.

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