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The success of Technofast Industries unique tooling is evident through numerous on site industry applications. Below is a comprehensive list of Technofast Industries media release articles documenting each success.

In conjunction with our exclusive Publicist Whyte Public Relations, Technofast Industries actively promotes the success of our products across a diverse range of various industry applications.

See below recent accomplishments documented as feature articles:

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Hydraulic bolt tensioning equipment now for hire
Bolt tensioning device slashes power station downtime; improving safety and usability
"New generation fastening technology radically cuts slew bearing bolting time..."
"Innovative hydraulic nuts deliver huge time, manpower and safety margins for high temperature bolting..."
"New generation hydraulic bolt fastening technology deployed at an Australian iron ore port has..."
"Technofast’s EziTite® TR Hydraulic Nuts are used in refineries to secure Reactor Heads and the like in..."
"Technofast’s system replaces standard hex or round nuts with a CamNut which provides connection to the bolt..."
"Technofast excels in providing solutions which demonstrate efficiency and mechanical efficacy with economy and ..."
Innovative hydraulic nuts save energy company a massive $500,000 per day, plus improve safety
EziTite® hydraulic bolts slash water turbine maintenance downtime
Hydraulic bolt tensioner even more efficient, safer and longer lasting
New, innovative head nut system slashes crusher maintenance costs, while improving worker safety.
"Versatile bearing pushers optimise plant maintenance tasks..."
"Innovative hydraulic bolting solutions offer optimum outcomes for motor and gearbox alignment..."
"Technofast technologies such as the EziTite® and CamNut range are currently being taken up by..."
"Technofast’s specialised High Temperature Turbine Closure Systems have been recognised as world class..."

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