Laser Marking

Precision Laser Marking Technology

In need of precise laser marking? Using the latest in laser technology, we offer a comprehensive laser marking service. We mark items like barcodes, QR codes, labels, and logos for major electrical distribution and transportation companies.

Our laser marking services are completely customisable. Tools, equipment, or machinery, big or small, we’ll tailor our laser marking to your needs.

laser cutting machine
laser cutting machine

How Laser Marking Works

Laser marking sees our team use a focused beam of light to mark surface material on items such as tools, equipment, and machinery. Laser beams alter that surface material’s properties, resulting in a “marked” appearance. These laser marking machines use technology to ensure the beam is focused and only marks the specified location. The mark will retain permanently so that it can be reviewed for many years to come.

Laser marking can be utilised to give a part or tool complete traceability. This is often critical for many businesses.

The marks are always created precisely with a high contrast and high quality. It ensures the markings are easily read by machines and humans.

Barcodes & QR Codes

We mark barcodes and QR codes with a high contrast to ensure these are picked up by scanners. These can be marked onto tools, equipment, products, and spare parts.

Serial Numbers

Our laser markers can mark serial numbers on aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, and glass. These marks are made to last and can endure tough working environments with harsh temperatures and chemicals.

Tool Laser Marking

Marking your tools and equipment with relevant details can be highly beneficial to the organisation of your business. Ensure quality assurance and tick the right boxes by marking your equipment with any of the below details:

cutting metal
laser cutting machine

Customisable Laser Marking

Need a unique item laser marked? Have a unique laser marking request? Our team is happy to work with you to develop the product you need.

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