Hire Tools

Extensive Fleet of Hire Tools

Alongside our hydraulic tension tooling and custom design and manufacture solutions, we have an extensive hire fleet available. Our fleet is available with both wet or dry hire, available in daily, weekly, or monthly capacities.

Equipment is kept in both our QLD and WA sites, ensuring it is readily accessible.

Hire has several benefits for small businesses who have little need for ongoing tensioning equipment, but have an application present that could benefit from hydraulic bolt tensioning.

Hire Tools

Our Hire Fleet

Below are the specialised tooling solutions we have available as part of our hire service. Our team is happy to work with you on tailored solutions around hire periods and specialised tooling to meet your specific requirements.

High skilled operators

Our team of expertly managed operators bring a high level of skill to every tool hire job. Provided as part of our wet hire, our operators bring quality experience and an ability to problem solve on-site. We always recommend wet hire so you have that expertise alongside the hire tools.

Custom tool requirements

With our team of expert engineers and a purpose-built facility, our team can meet any custom tool requirements you may have. We can design and develop new tools to your requirements, whether it’s an unusual size or an unusual tool. Or, we can create custom spare parts to repair existing tools you may have.

Dry Hire

All of our equipment is available for dry hire, so you’re perfectly equipped for your next project. We can tailor our hire packages to suit different requirements. So, if you just need assistance setting equipment up or installing it, our team will come out and help with that too.
Hire Tools
Robert Bucknell

Wet Hire

We’re fortunate to have a team of skilled operators ready to assist you through our efficient wet hire service. Our team is happy to work with you to tailor the package you need to suit your project requirements.

On-Site Installation Services

We have skilled operators available to visit you on-site and complete any required on-site installations or setups. We’ll perform any necessary bolt load and flange stress calculations as well. Our team will give your team everything they need to hit the ground running for your project.

We understand industry project requirements can be specific and complex. Our team is happy to tailor hire packages to your needs.

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