ENDEAVOUR AWARD 2014 – Technofast takes the award for the most innovative product.

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Technofast Industries took out the Innovative Australian Product of the Year award for its EziTite TR & CamNut Turbine Closure Systems.

Technofast’s CamNut System is the only alternative to a current methodology which can be effectively used to tighten the typically massive bolts used in large Steam Turbines without either replacing the entire set of bolts at a huge cost or extensively modifying bolts, casings, or both.  The System is designed using unique features such as stacked hydraulic power cells to reduce tool diameters and a tapered breakaway coupling with a double-start thread for rapid engagement of the tensioning tool.  These features are claimed in PCT Patent Applications lodged internationally to protect the technology.

The EziTite TR High Temperature Hydraulic Nut has a number of significant features which are also the subject of Patents and PCT Patent Applications.  Technofast has developed a highly innovative metal seal that is unlike any other hydraulic sealing mechanism in existence.  The unique action of the seal mechanism permits the EziTite TR fastener to be cycled many times without failure.  Some months of in-house testing have confirmed an operational life in excess of one hundred cycles, which far exceeds any projected usage.  There are few competitors attempting to use metal sealing technology, and none (including Technofast’s previous “HydraNut” product) can claim such an extensive cycle life.  The EziTite TR also may be fitted with a Patented sacrificial ring which may be broken away to release the fastener in case of damage or unavailability of sufficient hydraulic pressure for dismounting.

In areas where there is a dependence upon low-cost electricity supply, it is imperative that utilities take every opportunity to improve plant availability of their most economical units and limit downtime.  The use of Technofast’s products ensures that the plant can be returned to production days ahead of schedule, and allow almost instant access in case of breakdowns, as components do not have to be completely cooled for disassembly.

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