Custom Designs

Special Design

Our engineering staff utilise state of the art drawing and 3D modelling packages to design Technofast’s comprehensive range of unique hydraulic tensioning solutions.

Technofast’s unique digital approach to design allows all virtual models to be effectively assessed for performance before any prototypes are manufactured and tested.  Finite Element Analysis is utilised daily, allowing our engineering team to run virtual experiments so that our engineering team can further optimise our custom solutions.

Our team has found this is an effective method, allowing significant reductions in overall size of components, and economical as significant cost reductions can be achieved, resulting in savings for clients.


3D Printing

The introduction of 3D printing has exponentially changed how engineering team design and verify engineered solutions on a daily basis.

To prove a design or to check fitment on an application, our Technofast team is able to utilise 3D printing technology. A custom solution can be printed and passed on so that users can verify the feel and fit of our  proposed custom solution for their application. 

Simple and effective.


All components are produced in house using modern CNC machines, ensuring that exceptional quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process.  Certified alloy steels are typically used for these to ensure toughness and durability. Products can also be finished with a variety of surface treatments to suit environmental conditions.

Laser Marking & Dot Peen Marking

Laser & Dot Peen marking can be tailored to meet particular requirements, for example it is ideal from the smallest of tools through to larger tooling to be maintained on equipment/asset registers, so on request the extra marking can be added to the tools.

  • Part numbers.
  • Asset numbers.
  • Special instruction.
  • Serial numbers.

How does it work?

Hire Tools

There are a number of different tooling designs using the basic hydraulic “direct tensioning” principle. Depending upon the application needs, these can take the form of:

In all of the products, the hydraulic pressure is produced externally by standard pumping equipment and directed to create the ideal force specified to load the subject bolt to its ideal tension.

By using the Direct Tension method, operators can avoid over-tensioning bolts, avoid galling of threaded fasteners and the need for rework whilst improving the efficiency of the operation and offering much improved safety for operators.

For EziJac Bolt Tensioners, the operation is similar. The Bolt Tensioner is built as a tool of modular components and is removed from the job after the tensioning operation is complete.

Install the tool onto the bolt

Firstly, install the EziJac bolt tensioner or EziTite nut onto the bolt and connect the hose.

Activate the Pump

Activate the pump so that hydraulic oil flows into the load cell.

Load Generated

The load is generated within the sealed internal surface area of the tool or hydraulic nut and the force is transferred directly to the subject bolt.

Lock The Nut

The nut rotator/lockring can then be engaged to mechanically lock the load onto the bolt.

Release The Pressure

Release the pressure, disconnect the hose, and removed the tool. Tensioning is complete.

What are the benefits of using a Direct Tension hydraulic method?

It’s Safer

Eliminate physical exertion and keep your operators safe — they no longer need to use hammer tightening methods or hold torque tools in place during operation.

It’s Efficient

Eliminate physical exertion and keep your operators safe — they no longer need to use hammer tightening methods or hold torque tools in place during operation.

Less Physical Exertion

Technofast products use hydraulic pumps to generate bolt force, eliminating the need for physical labour and manual tightening. This thereby requires less physical exertion from your team and creates greater safety for your workers on-site. These products can prevent exertion-related injuries.

Better Accuracy

These products remove the need for repeated ‘star pattern’ tightening cycles needed for torque tensioning tools. Ideally, all bolts are tightened simultaneously from one pressure source. This allows a perfect balance of force across all bolts in the joint so that no bolt carries more or less load than others in the pattern.​

Innovation solutions for your industry.

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