Torque vs Tension: What's the Difference?

Torque vs Tension: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the Differences and Applications When it comes to ensuring the structural integrity of a building, bolted joints play a crucial role throughout construction. These essential components are used in anything from bridges to skyscrapers, and require proper tightening to ensure a building is as stable and durable as possible. However, various methods exist to tighten bolts,

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TELSTRA SMALL BUSINESS AWARD – MYOB Business Award (5 to 20 employees).

Technofast Industries Pty LtdTechnofast Industries designs and manufactures specialist bolting products and systems for various industries including power generation, offshore oil, gas, petrochemical, mining and steel. The patented bolting technologies and products have resulted in business agreements with manufacturers such as Westinghouse, Siemens and Mitsubishi and product distribution in Australia, Singapore, the USA, South Korea and Europe.

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Technofast Industries is an worldwide leader and specialist in Bolt Tensioning, providing innovative and effective technical solutions along with uncomprising customer service.