When servicing large machinery, the importance of correct bearing installation
is paramount. According to bearing manufacturers, incorrect installation is
directly the cause of sixteen percent of all failures.

The use of hydraulic bearing pushers provides a precise, safe and time-saving
method of removing and replacing bearings in plants widespread in the mining
and energy, materials handling and ports facilities, oil and gas and
manufacturing and primary processing sectors. The bearing pushers also
have wide usage in marine applications such as driveshaft, rudder and
propeller maintenance.

Technofast EziTite® bearing pushers – in stock sizes from M60 to M400 with
capacities from 230kN to 1800kN (23 to 180 tons force) – offer the ideal means
of mounting or dismounting rolling element bearings and other components in
Australian and international applications.

Such bearings are widely employed in machinery such as conveyor drives,
crushers, ball mills, stacker reclaimers, milling and rolling equipment,
gearboxes, turbines, drilling equipment, and pumps, fans, blowers and marine

bearing setters

Rather than relying on heat or oil injection processes, the EziTite® Bearing
Pusher uses high-pressure hydraulic oil (typically at 700 bar) to precisely drive
the bearing onto the shaft’s bearing seat.

Use of EziTite® Bearing Pusher is simple, with the assembly screwed into
place and energised with a suitable pressure pump.

The internal pressure thus generated acts upon an annular piston to press
against bearing’s inner race, driving the bearing onto the shaft.

Once the bearing has been driven into place, the pressure is released and the
EziTite® Bearing Setter then removed.

A standard locking nut and washer are then used to prevent the bearing from
moving from its seat during operation and maintain correct operating preload.

“The principle of the EziTite® Bearing Pusher’s operation is similar in
operation to the standard Technofast EziTite® Hydraulic Nuts (without the
mechanical locking ring), which are used in mission-critical applications
globally where speed, precision and avoidance of downtime are paramount,”
says Technofast CEO Mr John Bucknell.

“The EziTite® Bearing Pusher does not require the mechanical lock ring feature
as it is used as a tool rather than a tensioning device, making it simpler and

“We can also typically produce these specialised hydraulic nuts in as little as
two weeks, or about half the time typically taken in Australia for such a nut,
further reducing potential downtime.

“Like Technofast’s globally proven ranges of EziTite®, EziJac® and CamNut
products, they are easy to fit and remove with little physical effort, optimising
safety and also minimizing downtime,” Mr Bucknell said.