Technofast Industries, one of Australia’s leading hydraulic fastening companies, has
expanded its hire fleet of hydraulic bolt tensioning equipment to cover all of Australia.

The equipment replaces weighty torque wrenches in many industrial applications, and
provides far better accuracy and safer operation in completing tasks such as flange
makeup in considerably less time.

The range of Technofast’s exclusive high-quality tooling available for hire includes;
EziJac hydraulic bolt tensioners, hydraulic pumps, hoses and fittings to suit.

Other services available include staff training to accredited levels, personnel hire for onsite work or supervision, and machining services including line boring, milling and flange

As well, Technofast has partnered with Norbar Australia to extend the range of hydraulic
torque wrenches available for hire to cover instances where torque tightening of bolts is

Technofast’s Founder and CEO Mr John Bucknell says this is important for clients as
many job sites require both tension and torque tools for shutdown and overhaul works.


He also explained that any hire package can be easily tailored to meet particular
requirements; including specialised tooling and varying hire periods.

“The hire periods of our extensive hire fleet of tooling can be daily, weekly or monthly,
or even longer.

“We also have skilled operators available to perform on-site installations, training and
bolt load calculations as required.”

Mr Bucknell said businesses from small enterprises to large multi-national organisations
can reap the benefits of hiring rather than buying tools and equipment.

“When companies hire, they have no large upfront outlay, freeing up capital to be used
where it is most needed, plus they can begin work immediately – saving money and
avoiding potential delays.”

He said hiring also ensures companies have access to the latest equipment as Technofast
constantly re-invests in and upgrades its hire fleet as a matter of course.

“Hiring equipment is the perfect way to trial it without any obligation to purchase. It
allows companies to test the frequency of its use, as well as its versatility and the increase
in productivity it delivers.

“If the decision is made to buy, then this all helps to make high capital purchasing
decisions wise ones.”

Mr Bucknell also pointed out that there is often a range of tax benefits when hiring
equipment, depending on the business.

As well as such financial benefits reaped from the hire of equipment, hydraulic bolt
tensioning methods offer a faster and safer outcome over the use of wrenches and
hammer tightening.

The Australian-made EziJac hydraulic bolt tensioners use hydraulic pressure to tension
bolts to the exact load required.

The bolt tensioner attaches to a portion of the bolt which extends over the standard hex
nut, and applies force using hydraulic pressure from a pump.

The exact specified setting force is delivered by the EziJac bolt tensioner and read as a
pressure on the pump gauge.

When this is reached, the hex nut is screwed down to the joint face, pressure relieved and
the EziJac removed to finish with a precisely tightened joint.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, including the mining, oil & gas, power and
manufacturing industries, the EziJac hydraulic bolt tensioners are fast to apply and
remove and offer reliable and precise tensioning, coupled with improved safety on the job
by eliminating hammer tightening and pinch points, and with remote pumping, no
operators are in close proximity to the work area.

Mr Bucknell said the updated EziJac B3S series of hydraulic bolt tensioners are very
popular as they are now even more efficient, user friendly and safer. The new models
include a number of important features all designed to improve productivity.

One of the key features of the new B3S Series EziJac is an innovative new 2-piece seal
design which has low friction characteristics, thereby allowing much faster spring return
cycling. Additionally, the return force of the springs of the bolt tensioner has been
increased to further improve efficiency and speed of operation.

Offering very accurate bolt tensioning, the B3S Series EziJacs also feature a new puller
design making them far easier to be operated by workers wearing gloves.

A further added feature is a new retainer for the nut rotator, to keep it attached to the tool
and prevent it falling off, which is critical for employees working at heights.