Technofast Industries, one of Australia’s leading hydraulic fastening companies, has
updated its very popular EziJac B3S series of hydraulic bolt tensioners to make them
even more efficient, longer lasting, user friendly and safer.

The B3S Series EziJac is a modular style hydraulic bolt tensioner featuring a spring
return mechanism which automatically resets the tool to its full working stroke. The
modular design allows multiple adaptor kits to be interchanged with just the one load

Suitable for whenever accurate and repeatable loading is required across a wide range of
industries, the new updated model includes a number of important features all designed to
reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity.

One of the key features of the upgraded B3S Series EziJac hydraulic bolt tensioner is an
innovative new 2-piece seal design which offers even faster operation of the tensioner
due to lower friction.

Technofast’s Founder and CEO Mr John Bucknell says the new seal also improves the
longevity of the bolt tensioners, which are now capable of well over 1000 cycles before
seal replacement is required.


As well as being ideal for confined and difficult nut locations, the B3S EziJacs require
little physical effort to operate and are ideal where rotational or torsional stresses are a
problem, and where regular maintenance requires repeated adjustments or removal of

Suitable for a wide range of applications, including the mining, oil & gas, power and
manufacturing industries, the EziJac hydraulic bolt tensioners offer reliable and precise
tensioning, coupled with improved safety on the job by eliminating hammer tightening
and pinch points, and with remote pumping, no operators are in close proximity to the
work area.

Fast to apply and to remove, the EziJac B3S series of hydraulic bolt tensioners feature a
stroke indicator, a spring return piston, interchangeable adaptor kits, leak-free seals,
Nitrided components for increased tool life, an optional second port and quality assured
Australian manufacture.

Other hydraulic tools in the EziJac range include the manual return B2 Series and B3M
Series, with the latter part of Technofast’s modular series allowing multiple adaptor kits
to be interchanged with the one load cell.

Also available is Technofast’s X2 & Y2 2-Stage EziJacs which encompass a large range
of slim bodied tensioners to complete maintenance on any application with restricted

For manufacturers and end users of plate heat exchangers, Technofast’s FastaJac
hydraulic bolt tensioners are designed to save on production, labour and maintenance

The use of a lightweight hollow cylinder jack in conjunction with the patented ‘Tri Nut’
allows the compression of plates to be carried out evenly, squarely and efficiently. The
hydraulic cylinders simultaneously compress the plates. The Tri-Nut is designed to fit
over the major diameter of the thread until it engages into its spherical seat. Then the nut
closes onto the thread and the nut is screwed home as normal. This facilitates speedy
fitting and removal of the tools removing the need for ‘running down’ the tensioner
retaining nut over the full length of the thread.

Technofast technologies such as the EziJac range of hydraulic bolt tensioners and the
EziTite range of hydraulic nuts and bolts and complementary CamNut range are
employed worldwide in applications including Australasia, Asia and North America.

They are particularly valued in applications where avoidance of downtime and reduced
maintenance time is critical, including nuclear, hydro, gas and coal electricity generation
plants and mining and industrial processing applications.

Recent relocation to the company’s purpose built factory in the industrial precinct of
Crestmead allows streamlining of manufacture and a significant increase in production to
address increasing demand for these innovative fastener systems.