The Technofast Team

Our team is a unique collection of dedicated individuals who strive to deliver the best solutions every day. We are extremely fortunate that 90 per cent of our team has been working together for over ten years.

We aren’t just a team, we’re family.

We’re committed to delivering innovative and economical bolt tensioning solutions for our customers’ most demanding applications.

We improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety on-site. Our leading product, our hydraulic bolt tensioner, is the standard for all things Technofast: innovative design that improves workflow, saves time and money, and transforms how you work.

Precision engineered solutions developed to optimise tensioning across international applications.

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Innovative Hydraulic & Bolt Tensioning Solutions

With designs based on the utilisation of simple hydraulic power, our team provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for the tensioning of bolts and shafts to industries like mining, quarrying, power generation, chemical plants, and oil and gas processing. The direct tension applied by hydraulic power to achieve the high forces required in these industries ensures that such applications are completed efficiently, effectively, economically and safely. 

Our team is proud to have been providing our bolting and tensioning solutions for almost 30 years now. Working closely with our user groups, we have striven to develop a wide range of products that improve hydraulic tensioning. It is important to us that our solutions are both affordable and practical.

It is also factored into our designs that our products can be quickly and easily fitted for use with your existing hydraulic pumps and equipment.

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A Team of Engineers Creating Unique Solutions

While we do have a wide range of off-the-shelf equipment, our team is highly experienced in conceptualising unique and bespoke bolt tensioners for specific applications with individual requirements. We’ll create and 3D model your individual concept and develop a smart tool that saves you labour and money, increases safety, and improves your team’s experience at work.

We’re also very well equipped to provide engineering services to assist our customers. Using the latest in 3D drafting, Finite Element Analysis and modelling software, we can create specialty items. These include replacement parts and special build solutions such as adjustable sheaves for steel mills and cable suspension systems for mining draglines.

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Technofast is committed to continuing the development of its internationally competitive product suite and organisation. We believe our forward-thinking team, our innovative and leading edge technology development, and our uncompromising customer service positions us perfectly to achieve this.


Our mission is to promote the use of our unique tensioning solutions to global markets. We believe that utilising our designs in hydraulic tensioning techniques fosters efficacy, efficiency, economy, and safety in industry worldwide. We commit ourselves to continuing the innovation of hydraulic tensioning equipment with that aim in mind.

Quality Policy

At Technofast, we believe that no transaction is complete unless our end user is satisfied with their decision to install our products. Therefore, we are determined to supply our customers with quality products and services according to their individual needs. We aim to satisfy our customers’ needs by providing:

  • A high level of customer service through communication and response
  • Superior design and continuous innovation 
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Products that are reliable and made to high standards.
  • Ready availability of replacement parts and service.


How we uphold this standard of quality:

  • Maintaining a rigidly enforced Quality Management System
  • Employing well-trained and experienced staff
  • Upgrading staff and associates’ qualifications regularly
  • Utilising innovative technology
  • Maintaining an efficient and flexible manufacturing system
  • Performing ongoing Research and Development
  • Providing helpful customer service and obtaining feedback

The Technofast Industries Pty Limited Quality Management System is designed to satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and the intent of 10CFR50 Appendix B, 10CFR21 and NCA3800, and to provide a high level of confidence for all parties.

Our History

Our company director, John Bucknell comes from a long line of farmers. He was brought up working alongside heavy agricultural machinery and, as a result, realised there was room for improvement in the industry.


The hydraulic nut

Developed by John to tension large gang bolts, this hydraulic nut was powered by a lubricating grease gun. It eliminated the need for tensioning passes with a slug wrench and hammer.


The first bolt tensioner patent

In the late 80s, John, with the aid of Finite Element Analysis, created special thread forms allowing them to utilise a simple screwed locking ring without losing tension.


HydraJac Bolt Tensioners & HydraSure Clamp Nuts

In the late 80s, John, with the aid of Finite Element Analysis, created special thread forms allowing them to utilise a simple screwed locking ring without losing tension.


Entered the power generation sector in USA & Japan

We introduced high-temp hydraulic nuts purpose-built for steam turbines in Japan’s nuclear generation industry. These were unique, metal sealing rings to replace elastomeric seals.


Servicing the USA, China and Korea

We supply bolt tensioning products to nuclear power markets across the world and seek to expand business in this area. Hydro generation can benefit from this technology as well.

Precision Engineered Solutions, Continuous Innovation.

Today, John Bucknell and the Technofast team continue to develop new products and maintain a large number of international patents. Our slogan, Precision Engineered Solutions, underpins all we do.


Innovation solutions for your industry.

Technofast Industries is an worldwide leader and specialist in Bolt Tensioning, providing innovative and effective technical solutions along with uncomprising customer service.