2004 GLOBAL PLATT’S ENERGY AWARD Award For Commercial Technology Of The Year.

2004 Global Energy Award

The high-temperature Hydraulic Nuts from Technofast Industries was awarded the highest honour for Commercial Technology of the Year at McGraw-Hill’s Platt’s 2004 Global Energy Awards.

Judging experts are quoted to have said: “Combining true technical innovation with hard commercial worth is a tough trick to pull off. Technofast Industries has come up with the rare exception: a truly new piece of technology that everyone seems to want to buy.”

Maintenance in Nuclear facilities is being revolutionised by the Hydraulic Nut and its Hi-Temperature Application.
Complex bolting procedures are being completed in hours instead of days saving millions of dollars in downtime, and dramatically reducing the exposure time of workers to ionising radiation.

Revolutionizing maintenance in nuclear facilities, permitting completion of complex bolting operations in hours rather than days, saving millions of dollars in downtime, and drastically cutting workers’ exposure to dangerous ionizing radiation.

The Hydraulic Nut is the state-of-the-art for critical bolting applications gaining wide acceptance in commercial nuclear facilities nationwide.

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