World leaders in hydraulic bolt
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Technofast Industries is a worldwide leader and specialist in Bolt Tensioning. We provide innovative and effective technical solutions along with uncompromising customer service.



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What is hydraulic bolt tensioning?

Bolted connections remain one of the critical elements that affect plant integrity and reliability. Without the use of advanced tool technology, bolted connections pose a significant threat of hand injuries, and can drastically shift your critical path schedule due to disassembly speed and reliability concerns.

Hydraulic bolt tensioning technology provides the highest level of accuracy, productivity, and safety on critical joints. Bolt tensioning can eliminate cross-talk and deliver simultaneous bolt load and gasket compression across the entire joint. Tensioning also drastically reduces the likelihood to gall threaded fasteners, avoiding potential delays and rework.


Our unique systems improve efficiency and safety across all types of bolt tensioning applications.

Why choose Technofast?

Prevent downtime

By using a reliable and safe bolt tensioning system, you can reduce downtime and save time and money on projects.

Increase safety on site

Our innovative systems are built from the ground up to increase safety and keep incidents at a minimum.

Increased equipment life

Don’t waste money on inferior tools. Our products are designed and manufactured with reliability built-in.

Market-leading technology

With a team of twenty specialists, our patented bolt-tensioning technology is efficient, effective, and extremely safe.

30 Years Industry Experience

Our team of engineers and product designers have over three decades of experience across a wide variety of industries.

Ongoing technical support & training

Our friendly and experienced support staff can help you with ongoing support and training for your team.

12 months - 2 years warranty

Rest assured that your investment is backed by our industry-leading factory warranty on all of our products.

Tool servicing

Need maintenance? Our tool servicing division is setup to deliver high-quality tool servicing on all our equipment.

Technofast staff

Innovation drives Technofast forward, investing time and money to develop new products and services to industry.

About Technofast

Technofast has been providing innovative and economical bolt tensioning solutions to industries around the world from its Australian base for over twenty years. Our products use hydraulic power for applying the high forces needed to correctly tension bolts and shafts for a wide range of industrial applications.

Awards frames
Awards frame
Taean Power Station South Korea

CS-22 Power Station

The customer was impressed with the time and Labour savings as well as the safety improvements and is now replacing all standard hex nuts on a further 7 boiler feed pumps with the Technofast EziTite® TR Hydraulic Nut technology

CS-22Power Station
CS-22Power Station

Innovation solutions for your industry.

Technofast Industries is an worldwide leader and specialist in Bolt Tensioning, providing innovative and effective technical solutions along with uncomprising customer service.