Technofast Industries have a highly skilled Engineering team, in house, who will work in conjunction with you to design a customised tooling unit to meet your application requirements.

 Our engineering staff utilise state of the art drawing and 3D modelling packages to design Technofast unique fasteners. This digital approach to design allows the virtual models to be effectively assessed for performance before any prototypes are made and tested. The method is efficient, allowing significant reductions in overall size of components, and economical as significant cost reductions can be achieved resulting in saving for clients.


Technofast Industries' patented designs are:

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  • All designs are computer generated in 3D to ensure design integrity with only the best in leading digital technology.
  • All parts are then manufactured, assembled to form the complete tool and tested to full working pressure. A Product Certificate is then issued.
  • Goods are individually packaged and despatched to your location for immediate use.
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