B3S EziJac Bolt Tensioner


 The B3S Series is a spring return EziJac which is part of our modular series allowing multiple adaptor kits to be interchanged with the one load cell.

New B3S L6 200X8 4

  •  SAFE.




The EziJac uses hydraulic pressure to tension the bolt to the exact load required. Once the bolt has been tensioned, the nut is wound down the thread to retain the load. The EziJac is then de-pressurised, released and ready to use again.

Tool Features:

  • Stroke indicator.
  • Long Stroke.
  • Spring return piston.
  • Interchangeable Adaptor Kits.
  • Leak-free Lo-friction seals.
  • Nitrided components to increase the tool life.
  • Optional second port.
  • Quality assured.


B3S L6 ASM r 
Benefits of a B3 Series EziJac:
  • Reduce assembly time for critical jointing applications.
  • Multi-point tensioning for even gasket compression.
  • Reduced labour input.
  • Requires little physical effort.
  • Improves safety on the job by eliminating hammer tightening.
  • No pinch points, unlike power wrenches.
  • Remote pumping, no operators in close work area.
  • User friendly; fast to fit and remove.
  • Spring Return models for automatic retraction.
 The B3S EziJac is Ideal:
  • Accurate and repeatable loading is required.
  • Irrational or torsional stresses are a problem.
  • Regular maintenance requires repeated adjustments or removal of nuts.
  • Confined and difficult nut locations.
  • Simultaneous tensioning of bolts is required. (eg: Flanges)


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