Ancillary Items

Technofast Industries offer a vast range of Ancillary items to assist with the use of hydraulic nuts, bolt tensioners and hydraulic jacks.


C Spanner

 The C-Spanner is a tool used to assist with installation of round nuts, hydraulic nuts & cylinders and makes rotating the nut a simple task. The C-Spanner is available in a wide range of sizes and is a valued add on with the purchase of EziTite Hydraulic Nuts.

Pin Spanners

TB 10X170 000

The Pin Spanner is a tool used to rotate hydraulic nuts, round nuts, cylinders & nut rotators on the EziJac range of Bolt Tensioners. The Pin Spanner is made from high quality steel and hardened to make an extremely strong bend resistant pin.

Hydraulic Fittings


 Technofast cary a wide range of ancillary fittings and spare parts for all hose packages & tools sold by Technofast.

Dust Covers

DSC 0634




Technofast offer a full range of protective covers for the EziTite range of products. The Dust Covers are made from tough UV stable polyurethane that helps protect your investment from aggressive dust environments.

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