About Us

Technofast has been providing innovative and economical bolt tensioning solutions to industry around the world from its    Australian base for over twenty years.  The company’s Products utilize hydraulic power for applying the high forces needed to correctly tension bolts and shafts, and have been fitted in a wide variety of applications.  Industries using Technofast’s     products include, Mining & Quarrying, Oil & Gas, Steelmaking, Shipbuilding, Power Generation and Agriculture.

We have two locations compiled with a small knit team.

  • Perth, WA.  Technofast’s Service Division operates from the industrial Rockingham precinct, specializing in Equipment Rental, On-site machining and bolting services. For technical assistance contact Watson McIlveen 0409 295 776.
  • Brisbane, QLD.  Location of the Technofast Head Office and manufacturing facilities. The Crestmead site, in the Western Corridor is ideally located for Technofast’s activities of Design, Manufacture, Assembly and Testing of the company’s products. Technofast also maintains facilities for extensive Research and Development activities.

Our engineering staff utilise state of the art drawing and 3D modelling packages to design Technofast’s unique fasteners.  This digital approach to design allows the virtual models to be effectively assessed for performance before any prototypes are made and tested.  The method is efficient, allowing significant reductions in overall size of components, and economical as significant cost reductions can be achieved, resulting in savings for clients. For technical assistance contact Matt Blundell 0408 555 641.

 We welcome continuous feedback from those who use our products. See the link to complete our current Customer Satisfaction Survey and submit to sales@technofast.com